Bangkok Happy Bowl Thai Bistro and Sushi Bar

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Opening Acts


Natural Asian soybean pods steamed and topped with sea salt.


Head Bangin Poppers

Spicy Ahi, cream cheese, and jalapeno. Lightly deep fried


Rockin' Tempura Shrimp

Lightly battered & deep fried shrimp tossed in the house spicy and sweet sauce.


Soups & Salads

Miso Soup


Rockin' House Salad

Organic spring mix, avocado, carrot, cucumber, and tomato with house rockin' dressing


Hawaiian Poke Salad

Mix with special poke sauce,tuna, salmon, yellowtail, crab meat


Classic Rock

California Roll

Snow crab mix, avocado and cucumber.


Philadelphia Roll

Smoked salmon, cream cheese and avocado.


Poipu Roll

Ahi, avocado and macadamia nuts.


Shrimp Tempura Roll

Tempura shrimp, cucumber avocado and sweet soy.


Spicy Ahi Roll

Spicy tuna mix with cucumber and spicy mayo.


Avocado Lover Roll

Fresh avocado, carrot and cucumber



AC/DC Roll

Tempura shrimp, snow crab mix, cucumber, and avocado topped with salmon, lemon and sweet soy.


Rolling Stones Roll

Tempura shrimp, snow crab mix, cucumber, avocado topped with spicy ahi and jalapeño.


Dio's Rainbow Roll

California roll topped with assorted sashimi.


Jimi Hendrix Roll

Crispy soft shell crab, avocado, asparagus topped with avocado, spicy ahi, wasabi tobiko, spicy mayo and sweet soy.


Wild Child Roll

Spicy salmon, cucumber, avocado, topped with salmon.


Rockin' Lobster Bomb

MP. Chef's exclusive roll lightly battered lobster tempura, asparagus, avocado, romaine lettuce, and masago artistically arranged topped with chef special sauce.


Rockin' Combos

Poipu Poke Bowl

Spicy tuna, salmon, coconut, jalapenos, green oninon, masago, seaweed salad, avocado, spicy mayo, ginger sauce and sesame


Rock N Roll Poke Bowl

Spicy tuna, spicy salmon, yellowtail jalapeno, green onion, ginger, carrot, crunchy onion, furikake, edamame and rock n roll special sauce


Garden Island Poke Tofu

Tofu island poke style, green onion, cucumber, edamame, ginger and furikake over rice with shoyu sauce


Sushi Loveboat Combo

California or ahi roll and 8 pcs of assorted sushi



A variety of thin sliced assorted fish on a bed of sushi rice


The After Party

Mochi Ice Cream

Assorted flavor


Sticky Rice With Mango